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1、若歌声伤离且悲,不能听终泪如雨。 If the song is sad and sad, can't listen to the end tears like rain. 2、我在默默的爱你,你却没有察觉。 I love you silently, but you don't know. 3、真正努力过的人,就会明白天赋的重要。 Those who have really worked hard will understand the importance of talent. 4、我知道;多爱一次就多一点寂寞。 I know; more love, more loneliness. 5、我喜欢的自己,偏偏你不爱。 I like myself, but you don't. 6、我还要爱你多久,你才会喜欢我。 How long will I love you before you like me. 7、所有的不如意的事,到最后都是好事。 All the disappointments are good in the end. 8、经不起的,别怪时间。 You can't afford it. Don't blame time. 9、你把我的自尊贱踏,我把你的虚伪揭开。 You trample on my self-esteem, I uncover your hypocrisy. 10、寻到那个,和你一样的背影与微笑。 Find that, and you like the back and smile. 11、一句对不起,太沉重!我承担不起。 Sorry, too heavy! I can't afford it. 12、有些故事过程太完美,结局太悲惨。 Some stories are too perfect in process and too tragic in ending. 13、走了挺好,省得我总担心你会走。 It's good to go, so I don't worry about you going. 14、如果你真的太累了,现在道别没有罪。 If you're really tired, it's no crime to say goodbye now. 15、别人开心死了,我的开心死了。 Others are so happy that I am so happy. 16、一个表情,不冷不热,希望你会懂。 An expression, neither hot nor cold, I hope you will understand. 17、也许,走得太远的代价,就是寂寞。 Perhaps, the price of going too far is loneliness. 18、要累积多少勇气,才敢去深爱一次。 How much courage do you have to accumulate before you dare to love deeply. 19、我以为不露痕迹,思念却满溢。 I thought there was no trace, but my missing was overflowing. 20、谁的罪孽有我深,我爱你却放了你。 Whose sin is deep in me, I love you but let you go. 21、很心酸吧,那么喜欢的人却不能拥有。 Very sad, so like people can not have. 22、千万人之中,也不会认错你的背影。 Among thousands of people, you will not be mistaken. 23、再好的东西,都有失去的一天。 No matter how good things are, they will be lost one day. 24、我真的好想你,却不敢打扰你。 I really miss you, but I dare not disturb you. 25、只身步步海天涯,路无归,霜满颜。 Walking alone at the end of the world, there is no way back, frost covered face. 26、你要明白,我可以爱你,也可以换了你。 You have to understand that I can love you or change you. 27、伪装幸福,不过是想让自己忘记悲伤。 Camouflage happiness, but want to forget their sadness. 28、若终将失去,又何必珍惜。 If it will be lost, why cherish it. 29、一如既往孤独相伴,万千纷扰与我何干。 As always, I'm alone. What's the matter with me. 30、不是我不好,而是你不配。 It's not that I'm bad, but that you don't deserve it. 31、年华逝,青春难驻,天涯何处是归路。 As time goes by, youth is hard to stay. Where is the way back. 32、我只猖煌一时,便要我逃亡一世。 I've only been rampant for a while, so I'm going to flee for a lifetime. 33、其实从分开的那一刻,我就开始想你。 In fact, from the moment of separation, I began to miss you. 34、幸福右边、荒芜人烟。 Happiness and desolation. 35、槐花正香,月色正明。 Huaihua is fragrant, the moon is bright. 36、一生所爱是你,爱而不得也是你。 I love you all my life. I love you but not you. 37、媳妇没了可以再找,妈只有一个。 If the daughter-in-law is gone, you can look for it again. There is only one mother. 38、不求门当户对、只求感觉到位。 Do not seek to be right, just feel in place. 39、余生一个叉路口,你我分开走。 A fork in the road for the rest of my life, you and I go separately. 40、你喜欢转头就走,我学会了不再挽留。 You like to turn around and go, I learned not to stay. 41、每一种创伤,都是一种成熟。 Every kind of trauma is a kind of maturity. 42、想用力去喜欢一个人,不论结局。 Want to try to like a person, regardless of the outcome. 43、自己走错了路,跟鞋没关系。 I'm going the wrong way. It doesn't matter with the shoes. 44、他给的失望比希望多。 He gave more disappointment than hope. 45、爱傻笑的人,心里都有着放不下的痛。 People who love to giggle have pain in their hearts. 46、最冷一天,因为找不到你。 The coldest day, because I can't find you. 47、背不动了,就看开了。 If I can't move my back, I'll open my eyes. 48、那个说爱我的男孩,现在又是谁的少年。 The boy who said he loved me, whose boy is he now. 49、复制只是因为我也经历过类似的事。 It's just that I've been through something like that. 50、出卖我的爱,让你吃一辈子海带。 Sell my love, let you eat kelp all your life.






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